Available since 7 december 2020.

There’s this magical time of the year when your inner child comes through. The child who loves festive garlands and sweets in shiny wrappers, surprise gifts and loud fireworks. This season, we’ve created something special for them!

The new Step In Style Color Winter 2021 collection includes 9 polishes as bright and sparkly as Christmas tree ornaments. Each polish features a different mix of shiny elements: there’s chunky glitter flakes and geometric particles, as well as some fine shimmer for a dimensional glow.

We’ve added just the right amount of glitter to allow easy application and create a fabulous effect. Pick your shade and get that festive mood coming!

LE 76
LE 77
LE 78
LE 79
LE 80
LE 81
LE 82
LE 83
LE 84