Стемпинг Chrome


Stamp and shine! The new Dance Legend Stamping Spring 2022 collection features 12 nail polishes with chrome finish, made specifically for stamping. The colour palette includes classic luxe shades ranging from gold and silver to pearl, as well as soft pastel hues.

All polishes in the collection are filled with special fine shimmer, which provides intense, mirror-like shine, ensures smooth coverage and full opacity – enough to cover any base colour. The texture spreads easily over the stamping plate, filling in both thick and thin lines and transfers perfectly to the stamp and then to the nail.

Step Hyper-Elastic

The new Skin Defender «Hyper Elastic» liquid prevents the cuticle and nail folds from getting stained with nail polish in the process of creating nail designs (e. g. nail stamping). After being applied to the skin, it dries and creates a thin but durable protective film.
The special formula of this «liquid barrier» contains fiber particles to ensure incredible elasticity. Thanks to them, it can be easily removed in a single strip without breaking apart or leaving any residue on the skin.

Apply the product in a uniform layer over the cuticle and nail folds and leave for 2-3 minutes. Make sure that the texture has dried completely before proceeding with your design. After finishing the design, pick up the Skin Defender film at the edge and peel it off.

Step Top Matt Potal

Everything is going to be shiny… And matte! The Step In Style TOP Matt Potal range now includes two more shades with matte finish and foil flakes. The “Potal Gold/Pink” version contains gold and pink particles, while the “Potal Pink” one is filled with metallic pink flakes.

Decorative foil flakes are very thin and easy to disperse over the nail, so the surface looks smooth and feels nice and velvety-soft. The top coat dries quickly, becoming matte and looks great over any nail polish colour: light, dark or vibrant.

Step Dotty Flake

Let’s add colour! Our Step In Style Color GEL Top Coat Dotty Flake welcomes two new options with colourful glitter shards of different sizes and shapes. The particles spread out over the nail easily, creating a unique look while the clear base of the top coat ensures a high-shine glossy finish.

The Dotty Flake 5 version contains metallic flakes in red and silver holographic shades. In the Dotty Flake 6 top coat the clear base is filled with matte shard-like particles in vibrant neon colours: yellow, orange and pink.

Step Camouflage

Our Step In Style Colour Gel Base Coat Camouflage range welcomes a new addition: the beautiful Cool Pink shade.

Same as the rest of the product in this range, Cool Pink camouflage gel polish base softly conceals imperfections, smoothes out the surface and corrects the tone of the nail plate, creating a natural, subtle look. You can apply it solo as a 2-in-1 product (base + colour) or use it as a base coat for colour gel polishes and designs in different techniques.

Dry Oil

What’s that lovely smell?.. Our Dance Legend Dry Oil is now available in two new versions with vibrant fragrances!

The Sicilian Orange one has a lively, energizing smell of citrus fruits. The round bottle with a vibrant orange oil and white flowers inside will become a gorgeous, eye-catching accessory on your dressing table.

The Lotus Harmony version will cheer you up with is fresh herbal scent with milk oolong tea notes. In the light turquoise texture of this oil there are sparkly silvery crystals along with tiny white and pink flowers.

Dance Legend Dry Oils provide instant care for dry cuticles, making them look pampered and well-maintained. If used regularly, it makes the skin velvety-soft, smooth and more elastic. The lightweight formula creates an invisible, breathable barrier, sinks into the skin quickly and doesn’t leave an oily or sticky feeling. It’s especially convenient to use when working with papers or wearing a matte manicure.

Liquid Crystal Foil

Liquid Crystal Foil will help you create some truly unique designs with mesmerizing colour shifts. It’s a thin film which has the same qualities as our Dance Legend Liquid Crystals polish – it starts to change its shades rapidly when you touch it or when the temperature changes, creating a dynamic iridescent glow.

Liquid Crystal Foil is as easy to use as a regular nail design foil – just press it over the sticky layer of your gel polish for a few seconds and then remove the thicker backside layer with a swift movement. It allows you to create both abstract prints or more complicated designs. The liquid crystal effect is best visible when applied over darker base shades.

FC Base

A brilliant idea! Our FC Base range now includes not only classic camouflage shades, but also a whole bunch of gel polish bases with special effects which make it easy to create a trendy manicure with a swipe of a brush.
Each one of the new shades has a sheer nude base filled with shiny goodness of all shapes, forms and sizes: from light-reflecting particles and multichrome pearly shimmer to larger foil flakes in gold or rose gold.

The legendary elastic Flexy Base formula is perfect for smoothing out the surface and strengthening the nail plate, while also ensuring maximum durability and long wear life.