Mikozo Cleaner


Dance Legend Mikozo Cleaner is a transparent nail polish specifically to effectively combat different types of fungal nail infections (onychomycoses). The main active ingredient of this treatment is terbinafine hydrochloride – this component is able to deeply penetrate the damaged nail plate and has intense antibacterial and antifungal properties. When used regularly, Mikozo Cleaner blocks the fungal infection growth, prevents it from spreading further and significantly reduces the chance of a recurrence, helping your nails grow strong and healthy again. 

Apply a thin coat of nail polish on dry, clean nail surface after hygienic or medical manicure or pedicure and let it dry. Repeat the application on a regular basis until the desired result is achieved.


Silicon Gel

Dance Legend Silicon Gel is an innovative product for nail reinforcement and modeling. Compared to classic nail building gels, it’s extremely easy to use and apply – the texture is not sticky so you can spread it even with your finger. And to make it even easier, you can use Dance Legend Slip Liquid.

The gel is available in a convenient syringe format, which allows to dispense the texture immediately to the nail. After curing in a UV- or a LED-lamp Silicon Gel texture becomes hard and strong, while also keeping enough elasticity and flexibility to prevent cracking. 

The product is available in 8 shades with different textures and finishes:

  • clear;
  • milky white;
  • milky white with shimmer flakes;
  • dusty pink with pink potal flakes;
  • nude pinky beige;
  • nude beige;
  • beige with gold shimmer;
  • silver shimmer with holographic hexagon glitter.

Silicon Gel can be used for nail repair, reinforcement or nail modeling.


Thermo Glow

Magic that happens in front of your eyes!

Gel polishes in the new Thermo Glow collection are sure to keep you entertained during the daytime by changing their colour depending on the temperature – and when it gets dark, they glow with green light just like fireflies!

The collection features three thermal gel polishes with glow-in-the-dark effect:

  • a pastel pink which transforms into a bright pink;
  • a berry shade which turns into dark purple;
  • a classic red which changes to deep burgundy.

Magnetic Holo Rose Gold

Inspired by the success of our Poly Shine Magnetic Holo gel top coat, we’ve created one more shade with the same effect! New Poly Shine Magnetic Holo Rose Gold is filled with a special pigment in warm, sunny rose gold shade which creates holographic glow and has a magnetic effect.

The top doesn’t leave a sticky layer and looks lovely with any gel polish shade: light, bright or dark. The unique holographic pigment sparkles brightly with different shades and works well with nail art magnets, creating fabulous, voluminous flares.


Step Highlighter

New Step Nail Highlighter nail polish shades are just brilliant for your nails – in every sense of this word!

These 4 versatile nude shades contain holographic shimmer which sparkles and glows in the sunlight in a lovely way. The colour selection includes soft, delicate everyday shades: bronze, pearl, taupe and pink.

When applied in just one coat, these polishes act as makeup for your nails: they conceal imperfections, even out the tone and add subtle glow. And if you apply two coats, you’ll get fully opaque, smooth colour embellished with precious rainbow sparkles.

Moreover, Step Highlighter polishes act as strengthening, hardening & repairing treatment for brittle, damaged nails (for example, after taking off gel polish).

Step Disco Flash

The new kind of sparkle! Step Disco Flash nail polishes will make you fall in love with their gorgeous glow – their texture is fully packed with light-reflecting particles which flare up under direct artificial light. Besides standard silver light-reflecting glitter, we used unique coloured light-reflective pigments which make these polishes look absolutely stunning not only when you use a flashlight on them, but also in regular lighting conditions.

The range features 6 shades: silver, bronze, pink, mauve, purple & red.